Inactive precursor in plasma from which kinin is produced by proteolytic cleavage.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Kininogen — Kinine sind zu den Gewebshormonen zählende biologisch aktive Oligopeptide, sie werden von Kallikrein aus Kininogenen (inaktive Vorstufe von Kininen) freigesetzt. Das Kinin Kallikrein System oder einfach Kininsystem ist ein schlecht abgrenzbares… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Kininogen — Kininogens are proteins that are defined by their role as precursors for kinin, but that also can have additional roles. The two main types are: * High molecular weight kininogen, which is produced by the liver together with prekallikrein. It… …   Wikipedia

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  • kininogen — The globulin precursor of a (plasma) kinin. high molecular weight k. a plasma protein of 110,000 molecular weight that normally exists in plasma in a 1:1 complex with …   Medical dictionary

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  • Low-molecular-weight kininogen — is a form of kininogen, which has been identified in mice, [cite journal |author=Shesely E, Hu C, Alhenc Gelas F, Meneton P, Carretero O |title=A second expressed kininogen gene in mice |journal=Physiol Genomics |volume=26 |issue=2 |pages=152–7… …   Wikipedia

  • high-molecular-weight kininogen — (HMWK) a kininogen of molecular weight 100,000–250,000 that is split by plasma kallikrein to produce bradykinin. Called also Fitzgerald factor …   Medical dictionary

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